Welcome to the world of Lü’s interactive gym!

Lü is an intelligent spatial environment that understands and reacts to player behaviour and interactions in real time. Thanks to our platform that transforms gyms or any other closed space into a real interactive gym, participants can combine their passion for interactive games with physical activity. Lü transforms your gym into an immersive learning space to awaken children's senses.

The magic behind Lü

What makes Lü so exciting and innovative is above all what the participants do not see...

Using information from ceiling-mounted 3D cameras, Lü directs games by projecting various interactive elements onto the walls. Real-time synchronised lighting and sound systems provide full immersion for an experience that is simply unique. 

Thanks to a wide range of games and interactive applications, you can, as a school, leisure centre or other physical education provider offer a unique immersive and interactive experience!

Why choose a Lü interactive gym?

We need to offer our children more active play time to spark their imagination and sense of freedom.

Playing, moving, running, laughing: the basis of every child's physical and intellectual development. The more our young people move, the more they are alert, curious and develop a thirst for learning.

But how do you get them to move and exercise in an increasingly digital world? By transforming the classic sports hall into an interactive gym!

The advantages of the Lü interactive gym


Everyone agrees that physical activity should be fun and accessible to everyone, not just athletes. Lü offers dynamic and immersive experiences where players develop their physical abilities whilst playing. With Lü, physical activity becomes a game.


Every aspect of Lü's learning activities has been designed to maximise the experience whilst respecting individual abilities and learning levels. This is the result of ongoing collaboration with experts in the field whom contribute to the development of our interactive educational activities.


We strongly believe in learning through active and participatory games. Playing with Lü fully engages the senses and the mind, taking activities and sports to a whole new level. Therefore Lü offers a multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning method.

Photo gallery: Lü interactive gym

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Transforming school environments into immersive spaces

The Lü system is preparing the school of tomorrow: with its interactive gym, it stimulates the mind, heart and body of each pupil. The mind, by engaging their intelligence and varied learning styles; the heart, through empathy and self-esteem, reducing their stress and anxiety at school; the body, by adopting a healthier and more active lifestyle.

To take full advantage of this experience, Idema adapts to all situations and requests: we offer several technical configurations, depending on the host infrastructure, as well as a library of applications that is constantly being enriched - notably by the Lü community. Presentation of this interactive technology.

What technical configurations to choose? 

Would you like to set up your own interactive gym with a Lü system? Idema is here to help! We will provide you with information on all possible configurations and all technical elements that make up the Lü interactive system. Thanks to its expertise, Idema will build your interactive sports infrastructure project with you in the most efficient way.

Applications for a constantly evolving interactive gym

Each year, the application library is enriched with at least 4 new activities, created in collaboration with professionals in the field, to give children a taste for movement and play, while learning. When you purchase your interactive gym, you automatically have free access to a number of applications. 

Wörlds transforms your interactive floor into the universe of your choice, New Worlds where you go into space, travel in a hot-air balloon, swim among the fish, meet around a fire in a forest, etc. 4-minute games, accessible to 2 to 12 players aged 7 to 64.

Use the interactive video projector and the Pixël application to turn your pupils into young artists. Based on free drawings or paint-by-numbers, all they have to do is aim their balloon to reveal their creation. 4-minute games, accessible to 2 to 12 players aged 7 to 64.

With Sphynx, students travel to ancient Egypt in search of the Pharaoh's lost artefacts. For 4 minutes, alone or in teams, from 8 to 99 years old, you learn to read and navigate on a Cartesian plane (with an abscissa and an ordinate). 

In your interactive gym, you can experiment with a wide variety of activities while teaching through play: In Grüb, they have to collect the ingredients for a balanced meal, all the while watching out for the bins; in Phys, they have to solve physics problems to help Mozzart the mouse find his cheese; in Twins, two teams compete to find the right combinations of words and pictures; With Minemot, they have to build words, one letter at a time; with Mire, they have to quickly aim at targets of the same colour; with Newton, they take part in a great mathematical duel where 2 teams compete on mental arithmetic; etc.

But applications can also guide your session: Teäms allows you to randomly generate up to 6 teams to allow a renewal of team formations between students; Mööd (Lü+) allows you to quickly know what state of mind your group is in since it must define it through 6 emotions (anger, sadness, joy, fear, neutral or calm); Chrono allows you, among other things, to manage the time of several players at the same time; Scoreboard takes up the classic indicators of a game (names of the teams, time period, timing, etc.); and much more! 

The interactive gym can even assist you in the warm-up phase (Dojo, for example) as well as in the cooldown phase (the Gaïa application).

The Lü subscription offer

Supplied free with the installation of your interactive gym, the basic Lü subscription includes 4 new applications per year and limited access to the community.

With a paid Lü+ subscription, the entire system is yours to enjoy, with special activities and full access to the community allowing you to take advantage of all the options for creating and customising educational applications.

What is the role of the Lü community? 

At the heart of the development of this interactive gym is a Lü community of passionate teachers, creative facilitators and motivated coaches around the world. Users whom are enthusiastic about the subject of digital sport and want to create original content for their peers. Every user of the system has access to it, even if the Lü+ subscription opens the doors more widely.

In addition to helping people discover the full potential of the Lü interactive gym, the community also wants to share their content so that all users can access it. In this way, it provides a real synergy between educators around the world, enabling each child to develop their full potential. 

Finally, access to the Lü community allows you to create, or even co-create your own content to benefit from an interactive gym totally dedicated to your educational approach. You are free to start from scratch or to reuse and adapt existing content. This community also offers the possibility to collaborate with teachers from other backgrounds to create interdisciplinary activities.

The Lü system is much more than an interactive gym!

No matter the profile of the users of our interactive gym, the objective of the Lü system is entirely focused on the development of children. 

Firstly, from a purely physical point of view, pupils are encouraged to take part in sports activities, thus promoting the development of a healthier and more active lifestyle. Then through its playful applications and immersive experiences, the system mobilises all intelligence and learning styles. But beyond the mind and body, the Lü interactive gym also works on self-esteem and empathy, skills that are imperative for a child's healthy development. In addition, it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety at school.

Just as children have changed, the pedagogical approach must be able to evolve to be more in tune with the world around them. The feedback on the Lü system has been overwhelming - both from parents and children.

Idema helps you create your interactive gym
Enfants heureux de jouer au Lü interactif

As a sports equipment manufacturer for communities and individuals, Idema's mission is to promote sports education and physical well-being by proposing innovative, environmentally and socially responsible products. The Lü interactive gym is fully in line with this approach.

If you are interested in discovering this system, contact Idema! There are plenty installations in the UK and in other European countries such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany… where you can experience Lü in action. Just find out which one is closest to you! We can then tell you more about it. To complete the purchase process, a form must be filled out to arrange a demonstration of the various functions of the interactive gym. 

Idema is also available for any further information on the Lü system via the form on its website, accessible here.