Application Lü quizz

 turns your sports hall into an interactive playground

Application Lü quizz

Lü is an intelligent system that interacts with players' movements in real time. Through Lü’s complete audio-visual infrastructure, teachers enhance their learning methods, engage kids to be physically active whilst learning and create magical moments of collaboration. With a variety of educational applications and activities, Lü transforms your gym into an interactive and immersive space to PLAY, LEARN, and MOVE on a whole new level.

Supplier of sports equipment and materials

Products and equipment for all kinds of sports

Idema offers quality equipment for all sports: balls of all kinds, educational modules and games, equipment for racket sports, but also for new sports, etc. We select our partner brands with the utmost care, as it is important to us that they comply with all applicable environmental and safety standards.

A place for original sports

Idema is constantly striving to expand its range with ever more innovative products adapted to the practice of original team sports. Idema wants to offer you new ideas and accompany you in their practice with explanatory videos and activity guides.

The interactive gym

Lü's interactive gym equipment allows children to learn whilst having fun! It can be installed in a gym or any other closed space. This intelligent learning space reacts to the player's behaviour in real time. This is made possible by an ingenious system of projection and 3D cameras. Awaken children's senses with Lü's interactive gym.

Psychomotricity equipment and games

For more than 30 years, Idema has been a specialist in psychomotricity equipment for children's motor development. In addition to high quality products, Idema also offers services and advice tailored to your needs. Our consultants will help you to choose the most suitable elements according to your needs, your space and the characteristics of your audience.